Brother of Leaving by Cal Freeman

Paperback/Publication Date: December 2014/Publisher: Antonin Artaud Publications/80 Pages ISBN 13:978-1-934851-61-6      /USD: $15 Cal Freeman’s debut poetry collection, Brother of Leaving, is a lyrical allegory set in contemporary Detroit. Combining surrealistic sensibilities with Midwestern grit, Freeman’s family drama, involving an academic father and a chronically ill mother, mirrors the slide of this rust belt city into economic […]


A Northern Habitat-Collected Poems by Robin Fulton Macpherson-Marick Press

A Northern Habitat Collected Poems 1960–2010 Robin Fulton Macpherson   ELEMENTS OF CHRISTMAS The elements are always there: water and straw, beasts with warm noses and ignorant eyes, shepherds satisfied that they have found another myth, wise men who trace to its source whatever bright notion falls from their Babylonian sky; at the centre rests […]

Cal Freeman – Deer Creek Park

1). Jason There was way too much noise in my head as we rode along in that little car listening to the Insane Clown Posse. I sang, “My kind of bitch aint like your bitch cuz my bitch don’t bitch at all,” and I thought I meant it. The leaves had changed colors and already […]

Brian Smith – Spent Saints

Night lifted off of old Hollywood like an enormous stain slowly evaporating, and I saw spectral visions of dead silent-film stars and spent screenwriters and alcoholic casting agents fade into the humped-back hills. Century City appeared in the dirty distance, a glint of the Pacific Ocean just beyond it. I was laid out in my […]

Mariela Griffor’s The Psychiatrist, Reviewed by Giuseppe Bartoli

In her new book The Psychiatrist, Mariela Griffor disproves once again Winston Churchill’s assertion that “history is written by the victors.” This book forms part of a proud literary canon, which began in Spain through the promulgation of El Romancero de la Guerra Civil Española and immigrated alongside the surviving anti-fascist members of the Generación […]

D’Anne Witkowski

It’s Right Under the Skin There’s a story I’m telling myself and in this story you call me are calling me are calling with a touch tone phone at your fingertips I am at your fingertips and I hit you with the phone book to leave the perfect bruise. I have a purple flower of […]

The Psychiatrist, by Mariela Griffor, Reviewed by Jason Storms

Mariela Griffor’s collection, The Psychiatrist, was published last year by Eyewear Publishing. Griffor’s book, a new and selected comprised of poems written between 1986 and 2011, many of them centering on the political turmoil Griffor witnessed in Chile juxtaposed against her later life in suburban Detroit. And like this tension between war and peace, between […]

Nicholas Rombes – Matthisen

I. Koji swore he would never come back to this place out in the desolate fields, but here he is, in his faded corduroys and denim shirt. He could easily have dispatched with the tall man and the short man with the humped back but he didn’t. Why? The faces of his guides are new, […]